First steps are done!

It is only half a year since we have launched the LEADER international project on renewable energy in rural areas, but we can already be proud of our first achievements. In Latvia the first seven prototypes have been created: Sun Panel, Solar Collector, Bicycle Washing Machine, Bicycle Water Pump, Bicycle Mill / Vegetable Grater, Bike Tractor and Bike Generator. All prototypes will be demonstrated in the workshops - coming this summer in three districts of Latvia participants will learn how to instal PV solar panels, sun kollectors and how to upsicle and creat pedal-operated equipment.
More infos:  Facebook .
Here the video about pedal-operated equipment:
The project is being implemented from 2018-2020 and is financed by EU LEADER programProject Number  No. 18-00-A019.333-000010 and Full Name:“OFF-GRID: Renewable Energy DIY for rural development”.